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  • 中國建筑裝飾協會官方網站

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    廖奕權 精英 來源:中裝新網

      廖奕權 Wesley Liu
      創意及執行總監, 維斯林室內建筑設計有限公司

      設計碩士, 英國特許設計師公會專業會員, 工商管理學學士,香港室內設計協會專業會員, 香港設計師協會正式會員, 中國建筑學會室內設計分會會員。

      廖奕權畢業于澳大利亞新南韋爾斯大學,及后在多間知名建筑設計事務所工作,于2009年創辨維斯林室內建筑設計有限公司(P+P)。他的作品曾獲多個獎項,包括2011年英國國際房地產大奬的亞太區最佳室內設計大獎、中國最成功設計大賽2011成功設計獎以及現代裝飾國際媒體獎2011年度精英設計師大獎。他被透視設計雜志頒發2012四十驕子 (40Under40)大獎。年僅三十歲, 公司創辦五年多便獲一百多個國際及本地的設計大獎, 被譽為設計界最年青的明日之星。Wesley同時也是香港室內設計協會専業會員及干事會干事、英國特許設計師公會専業會員、香港設計師協會會員及中國建筑學會室內設計分會會員, 同時為2012年亞洲零售博覽會顧問委員會成員。曾在著名建筑設計公司擔任室內設計師。Wesley對藝術及室內設計充滿熱誠,他認為建筑及室內空間不單是一個給用家生活的地方,更是一個給人們洗滴心靈及觸感互相共鳴的空間他的設計不但要滿足用戶的須求,也是為了滿足各方在視覺及感覺上的享受,帶給人們一個實用美滿及舒適的空間。


      Wesley Liu
      MDes., MCSD.,  MHKDA (Full), BBA.,  CIID, HKIDA. (Prof.),HKIDA Executive Committee Member
      Wesley Liu is one of Hong Kong’s emerging young stars in the design industry and was the recipient of the prestigious Perspective 40Under40 awards 2012. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Australia for most of his life. He received his Masters degree in Design from one of Australia’s most prestigious colleges, the University of New South Wales, and founded PplusP Designers in 2009 after having previously worked with other celebrated architectural firms. His works have received numerous accolades, including the Best Interior Design of the Asia-Pacific Awards of the UK International Property Awards in 2011 & 2012, Successful Design Award of the China’s Most Successful Award in 2011 & 2012 and the Annual Award for Elite Designer of the Modern Decoration International Media Award in 2011. The wealth of experience that Liu has amassed has also earned him a position on the executive committee board of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association as well as the advisory board of the Retail Asia Expo.
      Plans to expand are in the pipeline. Even as Liu continue to rapidly develop the PplusP studio in Hong Kong, plans are underway for a branch studio in Australia, Macao & China, which will likely result in more crossover aesthetic experimentation.
      Liu is currently an Executive Board Member of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association chairing the East Gathering event as well as the Asia Pacific Interior Design Award (APIDA), a Full Member of the Hong Kong Designers Association and a Member of the Chartered Society of Designers and China Institute of Interior Design.
      Drive, passion and tenacity are what best describe Liu, who constantly and curiously seeks to move forward, eventually placing his company on the global map.

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